— final reviews exhibition

Discover the work produced by students in the ateliers during the spring semester 2021.

At EPFL we share with the many schools in the world the common aspect of having worked in confinement. Our collaborative spirits have been challenged by social distance, only partly bridged by online platforms and communication software. It is with respect to the students and the teachers of the schools of architecture in Lausanne and elsewhere that I am looking forward to many visits of online exhibitions of schools around the globe that this year are accessible one next to the other. Yet, I admit, I am longing for physical encounters in space and time.

—final reviews exhibition
    bachelor ︎︎︎

ALICE (Dietz + Zamarbide)


EAST (Fröhlich + Fröhlich)
Tackle The Type Dormitorium

LAB–U (Viganò)
L'espace entre les choses.
Hidden Rivers

LAST (Rey)
Rhodanie Urbaine – Grand Lyon

LCC (Ortelli)
Housing Mantova

LIF (Taillieu)
House Alter House

MANSLAB (Bakker + Blanc)
Craftwork IV Powerplant

TEXAS (Lapierre)
Marvelous Architecture

TSAM (Graf)
CIP Tramelan

BAUKUNST (Verschuere)
Elements of Climate

— exhibition
    master ︎︎︎

IBOIS (Weinand) 
Ski station metamorphosis

LDM (Huang)
Virtual Parliament: Rethinking the Architecture of Democracy

FAR (Tombesi + Pont + Griginis)
Soundproof Lavaux

Frechou Camille
Jardin d’Aïre

Gay Menzel Catherine
Martigny Highlands

Santamaria & Martinez
Building Cities

Lisogorskaya Maria
Assemble Material: Stone

Lopesino Eva Gil
Domestic Theatres, Shared Future

Voser Martina
Projeter le futur paysage de Mitholz


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